Use the One-Two Punch

Use the One-Two Punch
1 - 2 Punch

1 - 2 Punch

New users of AoS and seasoned pro’s alike will get huge results by being “in front” of your customers and will-be customers every week. To be visible you have to publish your thoughts. To brand your self, those thoughts need to be authentic.

The good news is that there is a simple science to getting on the radar of customers.

It’s not difficult. In fact it’s fun if you use the Ace of Sales 1 – 2 punch. Here’s the 4-week formula that I want you to use;

Week #1 – send an e-mail greeting to your entire contact list. Spotlight a product or service. Be creative and use images. Key to this one is to make it short and sweet.

Week #2 – send and ezine to your entire contact list. This is a more comprehensive communication tool that allows you to share your voice and be heard. Let your contacts see your personality. Include a feature article, a “did you know”, tips, customer testimonials, and links to your social media and blog sites. Use images that will stir the emotions of your customers. Don’t use the ezine to sell! Use it to provide value and create a following.

Week #3 – repeat week #1 and send a new email greeting.

Week #4 – repeat week #2 and send a new ezine.

This repetitive sending of authentic material is known as the “AoS 1 – 2 punch”. It will brand you and begin your road to becoming an expert in your industry.

If you want more details on using the 1 – 2 punch, attend one of Andy’s webinars or contact me directly or call 630-640-2046.


  1. Jeff, your 1 – 2 punch concept is a great idea. One could take this a bit further and feature their clients too

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