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The New Ace of Sales is Coming!


I discovered Ace of Sales back in February of 2009 after reading a few Gitomer books to help me with a career transition. I was Immediately hooked and found Ace of Sales to be an invaluable tool. The whole premise of a simple CRM built by sales people for sales people reminded me of the old Nissan Xterra campaign, “Everything You Need, and Nothing You Don’t”.

It’s been quite some time since a major update to this program, but the timing couldn’t be better. I need a faster, better Ace of Sales that I can use on the fly. I need Ace of Sales to keep up with me and adapt to my needs. Ten times faster sounds pretty good to me Andy Horner, but I’ll settle for five. Just give me a faster, better Ace of Sales (mobile version is a big plus) that could WOW me and my customers.

This whole upgrade has me excited! My company Foxxr just opened a new office with more support that allows me to put back on my “Sales Hat” both for Foxxr and as an affiliate for Ace of Sales. I hope to see some type of Gmail Contacts integration and most definitely a WordPress plugin in the near future. Watch for my video reviews here on the Ace of Sales Forum next Monday the 22nd.

Group Management Using Gmail and Ace of Sales

Your contact database is one of the most valuable resources in your business and managing your contacts should be part of your daily routine.

In the past, I have struggled using Ace of Sales to manage my groups. I found myself over analyzing my group development and going back and forth between Ace of Sales and Gmail. Ultimately, I decided to narrow my groups and manage them entirely in Gmail, then import once per week into Ace of Sales.

Connect, Add, Populate

Gmail has an excellent user interface, and valuable add-on tools like Rapportive (for connecting) and Google+ integration into your contacts records. These tools are perfect for connecting with contacts and populating contact data automatically. Additionally, Gmail can be setup to automatically add any contact that you email to your contacts list and group them under “Other Contacts” if they don’t already exist in your contact database.

  • Connect – get Rapportive. This tool will automatically display how you are connected socially for every email sender or recipient in Gmail.
  • Add – Take 10 minutes or so each day to review your “Other Contacts” group new additions, add them to the your relevant group(s) and Google+ circle(s).
  • Populate – It is so damn easy. Once you assign your contacts to a Google+ Circle, they will be notified that you placed them in a circle. If they decide to reciprocate, their Google+ data will populate into their contact record.

Merge Your Google Apps and Personal Google+ Accounts


Got a Google+ Personal Account? For those of you that may have setup your Google Plus account with your personal Google or Gmail account, Google Plus finally launched today Google+ for Google Apps accounts, but there is no merge functionality. Well….should you setup two different Google+ accounts?  If you are logging out of your Google […]

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How to Get Listed in Google Places

1. Claim your listing. Go to . Login using your existing Gmail account or create a new account (if you don’t have a gmail account) to claim your business listing. Once your account is created, login and l select the “List Your Business” button. First, find out if your business is listed. Enter your Country […]

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How to Use Gmail to Build Your Social Network


Now there is a great way to build your social network from directly within Gmail. Last month, I installed this fantastic app called Rapportive that displays social media information about your contacts directly from your Gmail inbox. You can immediately see what people look like, where they’re based, and what they do. Amazingly Simple Whenever […]

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8 Essentials to Build Your Brand


Branding is networking…both in person and online. Sifting through the maze of online tools to communicate your brand can be a daunting task. Fear not, read on and use the power of eight! These are eight essential tools that will make a powerful impact and help you create and manage your personal and/or organizational brand in […]

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Lessons from the Ant Hill


If you spend more than 30% of your online time networking and browsing social media sites, you are not alone. I often spend time contributing and engaging with others that I have often never met? There must be a self-serving purpose to contribute our time, thoughts and energy to engage within these communities, right?   […]

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5 Tips for a Great Website


Online messaging is coming at us from all directions. Videos, email, apps, RSS feeds and tweets pull us in all different directions. The addictive nature of web browsing is shortening our attention span to nine seconds, according to a recent article by BBC News. Make sure your website is able to quickly attract your readers […]

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For the love of sales, not the love of money.


Do you love sales? Do you love what you do? Do you love your product? Do you love your company? Do you love your customers? These are not questions I pulled out of the air. These are questions that directly affect your productivity, your attitude, your income, your success, and your fulfillment-not to mention your […]

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Lead Generation and New Marketing Strategies

Generating leads is something that people have been doing for years, and although the playing field may have changed as a result of the Internet, the effectiveness of gathering those leads has not changed at all. Here are 7 different ways that you can use the Internet in order to gather these leads through new […]

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You are the essence of your reactions and your responses


I tweeted: “Resilience doesn’t start with experience – it STARTS with attitude – your attitude.” It got more than 100 “re-tweets.” Evidently people understood what I was saying and chose to tell others. But since Twitter only allows 140 characters, I wanted to elaborate on the word resilience because it has a much deeper meaning […]

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